Manu Ríos & Marc Forné Are Hitting the Street With a New Brand—Introducing Carrer

Marc Forné: I [was born in] ’97 and Manu [was born in] ’98.

Photo: Courtesy of Carrer


Manu Ríos: So basically, we go way back to probably 10 years ago. We were teenagers.

Forné: I’d been going to shows and working in the industry for a long time; it just made sense for me to help him. When Manu started having so many public events and appearances it wasn’t like, “I’m going to be your stylist”, it was more like, “I’m going to help you out with this.”

Ríos: I was still living in my hometown when I saw Marc’s Instagram profile. I thought he was really cool, so I sent him a DM, thinking that hopefully I could be his friend. We started talking and months later we met at an event in Spain and had a nice connection and clicked.

Marc, how did you start styling Manu? Was that a natural evolution, or did you have a serious conversation about it to kick things off?

Ríos: Before working with Marc, I was dressing myself. But at a certain point I was like, “Fuck, I love working with you, we’re having so much fun. And I also love your vision and I think you really take me to another level of fashion.” I learn so much from him. So we kept on working together. 

Vogue: How did you two meet? 

Forné: It’s super random; from when we met to today, our friendship has been everywhere. We started working on one thing and then another. Then Manu started with his whole acting career and I was styling….