15 Thoughts I Had About the ‘Anyone But You’ Trailer Starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

I am nothing if not a devoted rom-com stan, so when I heard that queen of my heart Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell (who, okay, she has confirmed is not her beau as she is fully engaged to someone else, but the chemistry between them is real!) were starring in a new one titled Anyone But You, I was delighted. The film revolves around a non-couple who have to pretend to be a couple? In Australia? For some reason? Let’s dive into the newly released teaser trailer, shall we?

  1. Damn, Sydney can wear a maxi-dress.
  2. I know Glen technically looks good in a polo shirt, but I associate those too much with the popular boys when I was in high school to be into it.
  3. He does have a very square jawline, though! Good for him.
  4. Hey, it’s Jess’s ex-boyfriend from New Girl! Playing a parent of an adult, I think, God help us all.
  5. Oh, okay, I just googled it and that’s Dermot Mulroney and he’s 59. I guess it’s possible he could have a 20-something child.
  6. Okay, so they’re at a wedding in Australia.
  7. Why do they need to pretend to be a couple?
  8. Seriously, I know it’s only a one-minute trailer, but shouldn’t this be answered at some point?
  9. Okay, the heat between Sweeney and Powell is legit, especially when they’re dancing on a boat(?).
  10. Now…why did she just punch him in the dick?
  11. Is that what all the straight couples are doing these days? Dick-punching?
  12. I do very badly want the bikini Sweeney is wearing.
  13. I also want a destination wedding in Australia.
  14. What I really want, though, despite myself, is to see this movie.
  15. Insanely enough, there’s a number you can text to get more info about Anyone But You. I’m going to see it and all, but…is anyone actually texting this number?