Kaia Gerber Does Granny Chic at the Farmers Market in Ballet Flats and a Patchwork Midiskirt

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Last summer, the “coastal grandma” aesthetic was all the rage with TikTokers and celebrities alike. Capturing the essence of a stylish Nancy Meyers heroine enjoying a luxurious beachfront life required cashmere as soft as a cloud, linen separates, and designer bags capacious enough to contain a small car (not forgetting the obligatory glass of Sancerre). But now, thanks to Kaia Gerber, the trend has acquired a more down-to-earth, everyday twist.

On a daytime outing at a Hollywood farmers market with her boyfriend Austin Butler, the model sported an eye-catching look worthy of an exceptionally well-dressed grandmother. She wore a white short-sleeve button-up shirt, a flowy patchwork midi-length Ciao Lucia skirt, oval-framed Celine shades and a forest green velvet pair of Aeyde’s Mary-Jane ballet pumps. Kaia’s beau wore a pared-back look that complemented her granny chic ensemble: a white T-shirt, straight-leg blue jeans, brown combat boots, a navy baseball cap and a cream canvas tote bag.

What’s Kaia’s secret to pulling off granny chic aesthetic? Is it the intentionally off-kilter silhouettes that flirt with looking almost ill-fitting? Could it be the perfect marriage of sleek fabrics with a comfy fit? Perhaps it’s those supremely practical flats, given a luxe twist care of the jewel-toned velvet. Whatever it is, Kaia’s knack for putting it all together without so much as a hint of frumpiness is proof that, when done right, granny chic has cross-generational appeal.

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