Mancandy Mexico Spring 2024 Collection

Andrés Jimenez, better known as Mancandy, is one of the few designers whose career in fashion began at the same time as Mexico Fashion Week. For spring, he presented a collection called Dueño del Caos. “In the 15 years I’ve been in business, I have learned that you have to take the chaos and transform it into something good,” he said. He demonstrated his expertise by working with denim in unconventional silhouettes—such as his “bite jeans”—and mixing them with asymmetrically-cut chiffon blouses, and high heels made from fabric scraps. Elsewhere, bright yellow pieces and a new box bag made to resemble shipping packaging and designed in collaboration with his partner Gabriel Noriega were examples of how Mancandy understands better than most the language and aesthetics of Gen Z.

Another example of this were the performative aspects of the show, with the designer himself singing as Gaygional Mexicano, an alter ego he created to showcase both his Guadalajaran heritage and his gender identity. The show continued with another artistic performance, this time, by the dancer Eddie Alvarez.