Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Make Their Couple Style Debut

For Swift and Kelce, it was less about embracing matchy-matchy looks, and more about staying true to their individual fashion aesthetics. Swift, who’s been on a classic and timeless wardrobe streak, sported a black Versace corset top with dress pants and a checked trench coat. It felt polished and sleek—her two fashion M.Os as of late. Kelce, meanwhile, had more of a modern menswear feel to his look: He sported a bird-printed jacket with a button-up shirt and brown trousers. Though they each have their own sartorial flair going on, the two ensembles felt cohesive—it’s nothing at all like the polar-opposite dressing we’ve seen from stars like Justin and Hailey Bieber. Though, give it a few weeks, and maybe they’ll start purposefully clashing, too.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are arguably the buzziest celebrity couple of the moment. Ever since the singer and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end began dating back in September, Swift has repeatedly been spotted at the athlete’s games, cementing the rumors that they’re an official item. But we’ve yet to get an official hard launch from the pair—until now. Last night in New York, the couple marked their official relationship debut, when Swift and Kelce were spotted holding hands while heading to a Saturday Night Live after-party together (they both made cameos on the show last night). And, naturally, they stepped out in style with two fashion-forward looks.