Staud Pre-Fall 2024 Collection | Vogue

While the brand has recently leaned towards a more minimalist approach, this season Staudinger decided to bring back the things that first made her brand popular, like her signature colorful prints and sense of fun. The classic Breton stripe takes center stage adorned with sequins, chevron designs, and color-blocking.


Sarah Staudinger christened this summer the “Summer of Staud,” launching swimwear for the first time, and touting the essentials she designs that go with it. This season she continued to riff on the concept. Picture swimwear bottoms paired with button-ups, gauzy cotton dresses perfect for beach parties, and big oversized hats to keep skin safe from UV rays.

“It’s my favorite season of the year and favorite season to work on,” Staudinger said. “Our summer women embody a blend of femininity and effortlessness.”
The designer also kept in mind the way her customer would feel getting dressed in these clothes: button-ups come with permanently rolled-up sleeves, and belts are built-in so they don’t have to keep adjusting them. It’s a way to ensure the fantasy of the lookbook matches the
clothes in real life. She also paid close attention to colors: instead of white, Staudinger chose a soft ecru shade, and her preferred shade of red is “tomato,” in keeping with the internet’s favorite summer color trend.