Simon Miller Resort 2024 Collection

Ease has been a priority for Simon Miller for the past few seasons, and that’s certainly true here in the turtlenecks, slip-on knit dresses, and matching separates in cobalt and kelly green. The holidays call for one of the label’s popular Beep Beep dresses, a series of round discs stitched together, and evolving into a kind of oversized fringe. This season it comes in black, gold, metallic lavender, and, naturally, green. Another classic Simon Miller item, the Bubble clog, has been reimagined in a few shades of plaid. Scottish palm trees aside, this definitely has a lot of Hansford’s Los Angeles DNA in it—more Bel Air than Balmoral.


Ah the Scottish highlands: the land of moody gray skies, seaside cliffs, and strong whiskey. Not exactly where you’d expect Chelsea Hansford of Simon Miller to be drawing inspiration for resort, but nonetheless this collection was full of tartan plaids, gold accents, vivid greens, and, as she calls them “happy sheep.” Hansford wasn’t looking at the stereotype of Scotland, but rather what she considers the “quirkiness” of the landscape. She calls out places where palm trees grow in the country (yes, really). “I got really into it,” she says.