PinkPantheress’s Beyoncé-Inspired Makeup Look | Vogue

When it comes to her beauty look, singer PinkPantheress loves to experiment—but she has to draw the line somewhere. “I view my forehead as a very complicated and sacred thing, and therefore I won’t touch it,” the “Angel” chanteuse and record producer deadpans. The singer’s resistance to top-of-face tweaking does not extend to her delicate brows, which pay homage to a living legend. Here, the English East African beauty reveals the secrets behind her skin care regimen and Beyoncé-inspired makeup look.

Before makeup comes a good cleanse, which PinkPanthress achieves with her longstanding La Roche-Posay cleanser. “A few drops” of Laneige’s creamy toner come next, followed by Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. She pats the cult-loved serum into her whole face—except, of course, for that area. “Someone told me Naomi Campbell doesn’t put foundation on her forehead,” she says. “That might be wrong, but ever since I heard it I won’t let it go.”

The self-professed “cosmetics person” applies her MAC foundation before moving on to next steps. “I do look at Beyoncé for inspiration when it comes to makeup,” she confides. “Those early 2000s looks that she was serving with the very minimal makeup, the nice strong eyebrows. She had a thin brow too, and I loved it.” She adds: “The gap just below the brow is my favorite part of the whole face, and hers was always looking delish.”

Beyoncé isn’t the only muse behind PinkPantheress’s slim brows. “I feel like I look more like my mom when I have [my brows] a little smaller,” she explains. “I would rather look like her than anyone else.” Next, she reveals her secret for dollish cheeks. Holding up a tube of NYX Powder Puff—which is actually a lip cream—she says: “I’ve recently transitioned to a very pink blush. It’s ridiculous.” Dotting the bright hue onto her cheeks, she concludes: “It’s giving Barbie.”

Next, PinkPantheress swooshes Max Factor’s Facefinity bronzing powder over her cheeks using a fluffy brush that’s been in her kit for some time. “My God,” she quips. “This was probably used as a chimney sweep in the Victorian times.” After MAC lip pencil and a swipe of Hard Candy lip oil, there’s only one thing left to do.