Photographer and Beauty Founder Nuria Val Shares Her Epic Iceland Travel Diary

As a photographer and self-proclaimed “globetrotter,” Nuria Val’s passions have taken her all over the world. However, after visiting Iceland for the first time a decade ago the magical scenery captivated her. “I fell completely in love with this place,” Val says. “I think it’s like traveling to another planet, but still on our planet. It was so shocking for me at the beginning.” Luckily, Val’s most recent trip to Iceland in October was dedicated to photographing the beautiful scenery so she can share it with others, too. Starting in Reykjavík, the already breathtaking landscape is amplified through Val’s lens as she captures the essence of the country from the Blue Lagoon to a local wine bar.  

“I like to take pictures when the light is beautiful—first thing in the morning, and the last light of the day,” she explains. “On this trip, as the weather was not that good, you had to take advantage of what you have. Pictures, even in the rain or when it’s foggy first thing in the morning and you can see all the clouds super close to the land—it’s still so beautiful.”

Another reason for the trip, in particular, was to host a pop-up for her plant-based beauty brand Rowse, held at the Reykjavík store of the Danish furniture brand NORR11. “Since I first started Rowse, I’ve always been inspired by these landscapes,” Val says. “A lot of the visuals and the identity of the brand comes from nature—so I wanted to go to Iceland and make Rowse part of the landscape, too.”

Read on to discover more of Val’s epic journey through the land of ice and fire earlier this fall.