Paris Hilton Announces the Birth of Her Second Child—And Her Very Unusual Name

It’s an appropriate choice, you could argue, given Hilton is also named after an iconic European capital city. (The name Paris was selected by her parents, Kathy and Richard Hilton, as their favorite vacation spot is the City of Lights.) When it comes to baby names, Hilton’s approach has been equally intentional. “Phoenix has a few good pop culture reference points, but more importantly it’s the bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again,” she said on an episode of her podcast This Is Paris in February. “I want my son to grow up knowing that disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives. And that this should give us great hope for the future.”

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Perhaps the name London shouldn’t have come as such a surprise—and not only because it continues Hilton’s theme of naming her children after famous cities. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2022, Hilton had already shared her wish to have a baby daughter named London at some point in the future. ​​”The girl is gonna be named London Marilyn Hilton Reum,” she said, before explaining the backstory to settling on the name. “Marilyn after my grandmother and London because it’s my favorite city and I think Paris and London sound cute together.”


It turns out Paris Hilton had an extra reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving. Yesterday, the DJ and heiress shared the news via an Instagram post that she had welcomed a second child with her husband Carter Reum, following the birth of their first child, Phoenix Barron, in January of this year. Posting a picture of a pink onesie, a knitted bunny, and a pair of mini heart-shaped sunglasses, Hilton also revealed the name of her newborn daughter: London.

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She also went on to explain that Phoenix’s middle name, Barron, was a tribute to her late grandfather, the hotel magnate and philanthropist with whom she shared a special bond. “He was always my mentor,” she continued on the podcast. “I looked up to my grandfather so much, and we were so close, and I miss him every day. So, I really wanted to honor him by having his name in my first son’s name.”