Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck Came Out For An Intimate Dinner With Brunello Cucinelli

On Thursday, as guests descended into the Chateau Marmont salon, where Aperol Spritzes and Negronis awaited, they found themselves in a world of true “quiet luxury,” a concept celebrated by the Brunello Cucinelli brand. Attendees, dressed in Brunello Cucinelli, matched the elegance of the softly lit Chateau. They were a sea of understated neutrals, impeccably tailored suits, and the occasional tasteful embellishment.

In attendance for “Una Serata Italiana” (an Italian evening), hosted by Brunello Cucinelli himself, were members of the Cucinelli family, Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Demi Moore, James Marsden, Chris Pine, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Allen White, Henry Golding, Ava DuVernay, Kathryn Hahn, Rashida Jones, Jay Ellis, Ashley Park and Paul Forman, Mandy Moore, Gia Coppola and Honor Titus, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more.

While the evening was undeniably star-studded, a deep sense of connection filled the room. The Cucinellis have recently established Los Angeles as their second home and hold a profound affection for friends of the brand in L.A. Each person in attendance was either a friend of Mr. Cucinelli or had connections to someone in the Cucinelli family. The resounding question of the evening was, “How do you know this group?” It felt as if one had stumbled into a larger-than-life family reunion.The atmosphere was so inviting that even Demi Moore brought her tiny, long-haired Chihuahua, Pilaf, securely fastened in her bag. “She’s the star! I’m just the carrier!” Moore said, laughing.

During dinner, Mr. Cucinelli shared a few words, encouraging the younger guests to lead a more connected life. He remarked, “We have stopped looking up at the heavens and the stars, and we are no longer dizzy with all these beautiful thoughts,” he said. “I always say to my staff, try not to be online all the time, try to be connected to the above, to creation,” he said, finishing with a toast to being good, kind, creative individuals who dream big.

Cucinelli’s toast set the dinner’s tone. Guests stashed their phones, enjoyed family-style entrees, and relished conversation. The atmosphere felt like a festive holiday prelude, much like a family dinner, with partygoers moving between tables, Tiramisu in hand, to catch up before heading back into the warm Los Angeles night.