Monse Resort 2024 Collection | Vogue

Monse’s Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia outfit the working woman and the party animal. Deconstructed tailoring has been their calling card since the beginning of the label in 2015. The past couple seasons, mesh panels, corsets, mini hemlines, cutouts, and leather have played prominent roles, sexing up the pant suits. It makes sense: Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, and Rosé from Blackpink are fans of the brand. But there are more executives than professional musicians.

A sense of humor—which Garcia and Kim value—also manifests in the prints. This season, it’s a Dutch Old Masters inspired floral with bones worked throughout. A memento mori in a silk dress. It’s subtle in the soft wovens, but there’s a knit sweater and dress that place the skeleton front and center, accessorized with 3D flowers. (Perhaps Phoebe Bridgers, the high priestess of fashionable bones, will be their next celebrity client).

While there’s only one true, classic pantsuit in slate gray in the collection, there are plenty of appealing blazers, vests, and coats, as well as a cape. Their youthful customers will be happy to see pleated mini skirts and a super structured leather mini dress with a cupcake skirt. They also brought back a pair of trousers with a corseted, sheer waist that has become a Monse best-seller.


“We have some things still for our kpop girl, but transitioning back to our working customer, a lot more tailoring,” Garcia said of the resort 2024 collection at a showroom appointment. Kim laughed, and pulled out a dark floral evening dress with translucent sleeves and a cutout at the waist. “This is our working girl outfit,” she said. It’s all about balance.