Melbostad Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Oslo is a capital city close to nature. Within less than half an hour you can be in the snow (in season) or on the beautiful Bygdøy peninsula. That’s where Andreas Melbostad and his crew headed, by ferry, to photograph the brand’s sophomore collection, which continues many themes introduced in the first.

Having become “obsessed” with a recycled nylon twill and excited by the discovery of an eco filling material, Melbostad used it for bomber jackets in a range of muted colors, designed to let you stand out from nature or assume a sort of camouflage in it. Denim is an important component of this casual label, and organic cotton is used on pleated, slouchy jeans, tactical skirt jackets, and a full skirted minidress. The designer chose chambray for a tucked shirt dress. What takes Melbostad (the brand) beyond basic is the designer’s attention to detail and his very clear and narrow focus on garments that work in a modern, casual wardrobe. As reliable as the Bygdøy ferry, these are hassle-free pieces for people who are going places.


Melbostad is a unisex label with a distinct utilitarian vibe. If it’s not exactly slow fashion, it’s not rapid-fire either; production runs are small and, for now, DTC. That may change based on the positive feedback the designer is receiving from retail and press. “When I launched the brand, I was thinking, ‘Let’s be quite radical about doing this direct-to-consumer exclusively online. But at the same time,” Melbostad explained on a call, “I feel like it’s very important to be very agile and flexible.” He applies that way of thinking both to the business framework and his creativity.