Mathilde Pinault Finds Empowerment in Fashion and Horseback Riding

In the heart of Paris, where the iconic rues are adorned with revered fashion ateliers and the city’s pulse quickens with the approach of the 2024 Olympics, Mathilde Pinault, daughter of Kering’s chairman and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault and proclaimed horse-girl, finds herself gliding between the two distinct yet harmonious realms at the same time. The Pinault’s lineage may speak of fashion royalty, but her story goes beyond her pedigree. Now, in a seamless fusion as an awarded equestrian and industry scion, she steps into the role of brand ambassador for French brand, Dada Sport.

“It was a match made at first sight,” she says of her association with the brand, known for marrying technical expertise with stylish design in the equestrian world. “The pieces are technical yet stylish, a rare find in the equestrian world. Balancing functionality with fun silhouettes and vibrant colors, Dada Sport allows equestrians to showcase elegance beyond the stables, which resonates deeply with me.” 

Christophe Tanière

Christophe Tanière

Her support of the brand goes beyond just the lens. “Incorporating Dada Sport’s pieces into my everyday life has been incredibly seamless,” she says. “Even those outside the equestrian world will come up to me, captivated by the versatility of the designs, especially the Qalou jacket. It’s not just an equestrian uniform; it’s a fashion statement, an everyday piece you can wear in the ring or out with friends.” From impeccably tailored jackets to breeches and everything in between, these pieces are crafted to seamlessly weave into your everyday wardrobe, adding a touch of equestrian elegance to every ensemble.

Now, as the 22-year-old 2022 Longines Global Champions Tour winner aspires for the 5* Grand Prix in Paris and the Olympics one day, she has a rigorous training routine. “I train in the morning before starting my day. It’s very important to ride your horses alone. It’s very educational to do that as you have to really listen to your horse. Achieving success in the ring demands unwavering self-belief, honed through rigorous training and unshakable determination.” 

Mathilde’s connection with horses isn’t just part of the sport; it’s a profound life lesson. “Horses teach us trust, patience, and humility,” she says. “Their influence is profound; they are what we say in French, L’ecole de la vie, the school of life. For example, when I was younger, around 11 or 12, I was extremely shy. When I started spending more time with horses, I also started opening up to people a bit more because of that paramount bond I’ve learned with horses.”