Lady Gaga Is Taking Style Cues From Mick Jagger

Lady Gaga has undertaken many sartorial phases over the course of her career, from her avant garde Fame Monster days, to the cabaret showgirl aesthetic of her recent Las Vegas residency. But over the last several weeks, Gaga has gone from Josephine Baker to Mick Jagger, ditching her feathered headpieces and bow ties to embrace the grimy glamour of traditional rock and roll. 

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Like all of her various eras, this new glam rock persona has a root. On September 28, The Rolling Stones released “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” a single from Hackney Diamonds—their first album since 2016’s Blue & Lonesome, and 18 years since A Bigger Bang–featuring Lady Gaga. That same day, Gaga posted a photo on Instagram wearing a yellow 1975 Rolling Stones t-shirt, writing, “Don’t mind me I’m just a groupie.”

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Singing onstage with Jagger and the rest of the Stones, Gaga looked perfectly at home in her rockstar apparel. Hopefully this glam rock era has a long road ahead, because now we’re desperate for a Lady Gaga rock and roll album. 

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To mark the occasion of Hackney Diamonds’ release, Gaga donned possibly her most glam rock look of them all: an asymmetrical bodycon sequined jumpsuit with a plunging v-neck with a pair of tall platform heels. One side was covered in plain black and featured a long sleeve, while the other sleeveless side was red with black diagonal stripes. She accessorized with another Jagger-approved piece: a thin black, sheer scarf with glittery polka dots. 

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The Grammy-winning singer has leaned into the band’s penchant for sequins, leather, and shag haircuts. She’s even putting her own spin on some of Jagger’s looks. On one recent outing to Electric Lady Studios, Gaga wore a sequined pinstriped blazer over a black, high-necked glittery mini dress, which she wore with knee-high black leather boots. The stripes draw parallels to a similarly shiny blazer Jagger wore to a European press conference in 1973. She left the studio wearing a flowing white blouse with an oversized blazer, short black shorts, and knee-high boots, which seemed to reference Mick Jagger’s perversion of the ruffled dress shirt, a staple of his in the late 1960s.