Jennifer Lawrence Revives the Divisive Hipster Look—Complete With Shrunken Beanie and Oversized Glasses

The aesthetic obligations of a 2010s hipster are (and always were) obvious: thick-rimmed spectacles, mustard-coloured tights and Charlotte Olympia flats. And when assembled into an outfit alongside some vintage arcana – like, I don’t know, film cameras and unicycles – it seemed to be about wearing the past as a badge of authentic living, inserting yourself into a noble rebellion against the mainstream.

I don’t think that was what Jennifer Lawrence was doing when she took a stroll around Manhattan over the weekend. But she looks like she could be. That is because she is wearing a shrunken beanie traditionally associated with baristas and the kind of personality glasses traditionally associated with graphic designers and a plaid scarf traditionally associated with amateur lumberjacks and indie poets.

Though Jennifer Lawrence would have poked fun at all these hipster stereotypes, she too seems to understand the value in being seen as “authentic”. After all, this is an A-lister who rose to fame in the early 2010s when she tripped up the steps at the Oscars and ate pizza on the front row of the Oscars and spoke about McDonalds on the red carpet at the Oscars.