Inside the Copenhagen Home of Ditte Reffstrup, the Creative Director of Ganni

With designs that are as playful and colorful as they are practical, Ganni has put Scandinavian fashion design on the international map—and established itself as arguably the best-known Danish clothing brand along the way. Led by Ditte Reffstrup, along with her husband Nicolaj, the Ganni aesthetic plays with contrasts, reflecting the taste of its creative director. And Reffstrup’s joyful, mix-and-match approach can also be found across the interiors of her warm and inviting home. “The most important thing with Ganni was to create something where everyone was welcome, a friendly and inclusive brand,” she says. Now, for Vogue, Reffstrup has opened the doors of her house, which she shares with her husband and three children in Copenhagen’s Østerbro district—and you’ll feel right at home.

Before they moved into this house, Ditte and Nicolaj were renters and financially they were focused on Ganni—buying their own home was out of the question at first. They had previously lived in an apartment, then shared a house with one of their friends and his children. “When we were finally able to buy our first house together, we took a very important step,” says Reffstrup. “Imagining our own cocoon was very inspiring. This will be our family home forever.”


Reffstrup’s approach to designing her home can be summarized in two words: a patchwork. “Like most of our creations at Ganni,” she says. To breathe new life into this 19th-century house, she and her husband called in an architect, with whom they reorganized the layout of the house: “We redid the staircase and built an orangery as an extension of the kitchen,” she explains. As for the atmosphere within their home, they sought a little help from friends including Tina Seidenfaden of The Apartment; the creative agency Moon, with whom they have collaborated for years; as well as the architectural firm Stamuli AB, who has designed all of the Ganni boutiques, for certain elements of the kitchen. “It’s essential for us to collaborate daily with different voices and people we admire,” Reffstrup says. “Our home is an excellent example of this.”