Hailey Bieber’s Grown-Up Glitter Is The Only Way To Sparkle This Festive Season

Say the words “glitter makeup” at Christmas and most people will run a mile. Apart from being a messy affair, from application to removal, glittery make-up can feel more childish than chic. Trust Hailey Bieber then, to come along and change our minds–and just in time for party season.

When it comes to color, silver or gold are the most classic shades, but a deep sparkling navy is also a chic option. To finish the look, warm up lips and cheeks gently with a rosy glow, brush your brows up and add plenty of mascara to frame your handiwork.


To recreate Bieber’s festive look, keep things modern by choosing glitter suspended in a clear gloss or balm. Not only is it easier to work with than proper flecks of glitter, the translucency of the texture keeps it looking fresh and crisp. If you find it too sticky, an eyeshadow cream packed with lustrous metallic pigment will give a similar effect. To keep it simple, ditch any inbuilt product applicators and use a small, dense eyeshadow brush to pack the pigment directly onto lids instead. This will help with quantity control and keep the edges clean and crisp so it looks modern.

The model, who debuted her seasonal sparkle over the weekend, did so in a predictably stylish way, accompanying her signature smattering of faux freckles and Jelly Bean fuchsia Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment with the prettiest slick of translucent shimmer across her lids. The key to mastering a good glitter eye is the same as with any look that involves shimmer or sparkle: always confine it to one feature for just a flash of metal, and remember that less is more – especially where glitter is concerned.