Ex Boyfriend Mexico Spring 2024 Collection

Details such as splashes of paint and gaffer tape united the collection. Carrillo played on the idea of adjusting your ex’s clothes when wearing them, accessorizing with carabiners and ropes for climbing, which turned out to be a good way to elevate her concept. It’s not that her idea is completely unconventional, but it does move away from the stereotypically romantic perspective that surrounds Mexican fashion.


Her spring collection features reworked tailoring and genderless pieces with a touch of attitude that were sometimes reminiscent of Sacai. The centerpieces were classic shirts made from vintage garments found in thrift shops or at La Lagunilla market, which were paired with relaxed chinos, utilitarian vests, and trench coats pieced together from “five different exes” or vintage pieces.

There are only a handful of brands in Mexico that have a clear and cool concept behind them, and undoubtedly in that list is Laura Carrillo’s Ex/Boyfriend Shirt. The designer took her idea of playing with deconstruction and upcycling after a break-up. “[Our statement] is that the perfect couple does not exist, but if we mix all your exes’ clothes, you get a perfect piece,” she explained.