Campillo Mexico Spring 2024 Collection

The designer explained that the collection was guided by one word: tension. “Tension between our expectations and reality; tension between what we would like versus what we do, but also tension as the energy that exists in the universe, tension as a philosophical concept, and the personal experiences that can generate tension in a person.”

He used draping as the language through which he explored this concept; using river stones as buttons that created different points of tension in his garments. It was an exercise that took Campillo one step closer to his goals, which include couture. Tension was also represented in humorous yet no less effective ways, as in the blazer and pants with buttons in the shape of a pair of fighting roosters. It was a metaphor for the tension that can be generated between bodies, but also the beauty of it.


For spring, Patricio Campillo announced that his brand, formerly The Pack, would now be known as Campillo.