Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

The world can be a harsh, scary place. Lela Rose felt this recently while reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Elon Musk, which made her reflect on the way society “is moving at warp speed to things that are incomprehensible.” Her pre-fall collection is a salve to those feelings; it was inspired by someone who … ادامه

The Longest Celebrity Engagements of All Time

Engaged for: Seven years. After six years of dating, the couple got engaged back in 2008, but waited seven years to walk down the aisle. Adams and Gallo got married in California in 2015. The actress joked of their long engagement, telling Allure in 2019, “He wants to be married. I think he was patient … ادامه

Emily Zhou’s Debut Story Collection, ‘Girlfriends,’ Is a Messy, Modern Feat of Trans Literature

Every season, there seems to be (at least) one book that all the cool queer and trans girls in my Los Angeles bubble are carrying everywhere, from El Prado to Erewhon. This fall, that lucky title is Emily Zhou’s debut short story collection Girlfriends, which tells seven distinct stories about contemporary trans life “from from … ادامه

The Best Makeup Brushes for Every Task in 2023

Hughes knows a thing or two about skin; with the work she does for celebrities like Ashley Graham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely and in her stylized Instagram selfies, she’s able to make each person’s complexion seem naturally flawless, the product of great genes rather than layers of product. Her tools of choice include a range of … ادامه

Kate Middleton Is Pretty in Pink (and Edwardian Diamonds) at Buckingham Palace

Once again, the royal sported the Lover’s Knot Tiara, often cited as a favorite of Diana, Princess of Wales, and frequently worn by Kate when in full princess mode. As for her diamond earrings? They previously belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, who received them as a wedding gift from her parents, King George VI and … ادامه

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

With this pre-fall lookbook, Derek Lam 10 Crosby creative director Kate Wallace is introducing a new editorial concept called 10×10. Starting with this collection, each upcoming lookbook will feature a “real woman” that inspires the 10 Crosby team, who will also be featured in an interview series of the same name. Up first is Glorietta … ادامه

Why Dakota Johnson Isn’t Going to Stop Talking About Sex Anytime Soon

The entire process has been remote, “so when we see it in person, it’ll be the first time it comes alive,” Goicochea explains. They ended up featuring over 500 elements, from discreet art deco prophylactic envelopes to works by sex educator and feminist Shere Hite. Johnson narrated and produced The Disappearance of Shere Hite documentary, … ادامه

The Story Behind Princess Diana’s Wedding Veil That Was Embellished by a Secret Embroiderer

“At first, Miss Peggy worked on the veil at home at night, sometimes working until five in the morning before bringing it back on the Tube,” recalls Hand & Lock in-house fashion historian Robert McCaffrey. “Progress was slow and to make the deadline she told fellow embroiderers she was going on holiday, but in truth, … ادامه

Julia Roberts Is Committed to the Short Suit

Julia Roberts’s new film, Leave the World Behind, is taking a backseat to her latest cause célèbre: wearing short suits.  The actor continued the press tour for her latest movie in a look that could also be worn by a summery James Bond: a white blouse haphazardly unbuttoned beneath a black tuxedo jacket and matching … ادامه

Maria McManus Pre-Fall 2024 Collection

Maria McManus’s starting point for pre-fall was Agnes Martin, the abstract expressionist painter known for her grid-like color landscapes. “There was lots to play with, from her personal style to the artworks themselves,” the designer said at a showroom appointment. A color palette of creamy whites, baby blues and dark navy, chocolate brown, and liquid … ادامه