Angelina Jolie Is Committed to Dressing Up at the Airport

Today, Jolie was seen leaving the airport in a v-necked white dress that hovered just above the floor and a black calf-length overcoat. She accessorized with her go-tos: a pair of oversized sunglasses, a Celine monogrammed tote bag, and a pair of nude Christian Louboutin stilettos. While they’re not the first that spring to mind when picturing a functional airport shoe, we have to admit that they’re probably pretty easy to slip on and off at security. (Though we imagine she has TSA pre-check.)

Traveling is no longer the chic, luxurious experience that it once was, and the overstimulating hellscape that is any major international airport is proof enough. For most, the long days, cramped seats, and exorbitant fees are enough to throw in the towel, sartorially. But Angelina Jolie is certainly not wearing a sweatsuit in coach like the rest of us. Nay, the Oscar winner is dedicated to the long-lost art of airport style.

The actor has long championed a return to elegant airport dressing. In the recent past, she’s adopted a uniform that includes maxi dresses or trousers, long coats, ballet flats or pumps, and always big glasses and her trusty Celine bag. Though sometimes, like us, even Angelina Jolie isn’t exempt from wearing pajamas to the airport.